Treating and managing acute back pain caused resulted from injuries or health problems, is a must consider factor in our lives. Most people spend more than one third of their lives on a mattress, choosing the right mattress for managing your back pain becomes most essential.

The Prestige mattress provides an extra firm surface, whereby when sleeping, the bones absorb most of the pressure, resulting in less stress on muscles, veins, and arteries. This causes less strain on the muscles and improves circulation. On the overall, the Prestige mattress is the best option for acute back pains.





Technical details

– 2.5 mm border wire with corner edge support

14*24rows, 336 bonnels with wire gauge of 2.4mm, helical wire 1.4mm, fully    reinforced

– Double layers of high density blue D25kg/m2 foam

-Double layers of Lutratex compact padding for spring protection

– Mattress handles for easy shifting

– Improved inner breathability through brass air ventilators

– 15mm quilted cotton fabrics

– 40mm robust binding

– Overall construction height of 30cm

–  firmness: extra firm

– 10 years warranty on mattress spring

– Available in any required sizes, even round models


Height: 26 cm
Firmness: soft
Knitted bamboo fabric
100 g cashmere / 600g cotton felt / 600g cotton pad
120g bamboo fiber
Pocketed steel coils
10 years spring warranty

Memory gel

Height: 30 cm
Firmness: medium
Knitted bamboo fabric
100 g cashmere / 600g cotton felt
Aero flex borders
Air flow breathable foam support structure
Gel infused memory layers
Wrapped pocketed steel coils
12 years spring warranty


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