Are you looking for ways on how to have a better sleep quality? Let us help you with this frequent agony.

Without excessive exaggeration, about 80% of people have had back pain at least once in their lives, this is supported by the data obtained from doctors and absenteeism causes in workplaces.

Back pain has direct effects on our moods, mobility and above all, our sleep quality. Therefore, we are providing you with some useful tips to improve your sleep quality.

Choosing the appropriate mattress

Now, how do you know if your mattress is already in a bad shape?

If you’re feeling tired and sore the moment you wake up, that’s a clear sign that your mattress is no longer providing the support your body needs. Apart from that, you should also check for any lumps and saggy spots as those can indicate weakening in the structure of your mattress. There should not be any squeaking and creaking, too.

Age is another factor to consider when assessing mattresses. If yours is over 8 years old, consider getting a replacement.

Mattress topper

A mattress that’s too hard or too soft can make it hard for you to sleep. It can make you toss and turn the entire night.

And you know what is worse?

A bad mattress can leave you with a terrible back pain that can make you grumpy and less productive at work.

This is where a good mattress topper fits in to boost the comfort of your mattress or make up for its limitation.

For example, if your mattress is too soft, you can use a good mattress topper to get better support for your back. In case your mattress is too firm, you can invest in a topper that can add a luxurious softness to your mattress without affecting its support.

Age is another factor to consider when assessing mattresses. If yours is over 8 years old, consider getting a replacement.

The right pillow

Yep, that’s right. There’s a right pillow for each sleeping position.

If you like sleeping on your back, you should get a pillow that can support the natural curve of your cervical spine (read: neck). Apart from that, you should also invest in a sloped knee lift which you can place beneath your knees to address your lumbar curve. Make sure that it’s the right size and that’s it’s big or small enough for both of your legs.

In case you are a side sleeper, consider getting a pillow that will allow your spine to remain straight. Get another pillow and put it in between your knees to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Make sure that it’s firm and thick.

For stomach sleepers, a relatively flat pillow is the best. If you can’t get one, you can just rest your head directly on your mattress. This way, your neck and your head won’t feel strained. To boost your comfort, you can add another flat pillow under your abdomen or pelvis to keep your back’s natural alignment.