About Us

My experience talks for itself…

 20 years of career and dedication in the bedding industry has led me to carve my own pathway in the same field. My vision and mission remain the same, I strive to offer to our local and foreign market customers, sound health, and the ability to ride the rainbow to dreamland on a perfectly fitted mattress, along with finely selected beds and bedding accessories, always providing an attentive ear to our retail and wholesale regular shoppers.

Starting with only an online service, we are now on a mission to move closer to our remote customers, through fast and vast expansions on the local market, presently in Bambous, Bel Air and soon in several other regions of the country.

We hereby hold a panoply of items to offer at factory reduced or bulked priced packages. Though our specialization remains in the manufacture and sales of mattresses, we also have a wide range of beds, bedding accessories, like pillows, cushions, bolsters, mattress protectors, memory foam/latex/microfiber toppers and electric beds and sofa beds.

We assure you, you will certainly benefit from the best deals on our products, which are, as usual, kept to international standards, and alongside maintain a proper well-being through healthy sleep.

Buying the right mattress is a long time investment for your health. Choose wisely

Give us a chance to serve you.